CapturePlay is focusing its years of experience in the gaming and cryptocurrency space toward the WAX blockchain. CapturePlay is currently reworking its classic as well as new gaming content to function natively on WAX. Along with that, several technical innovations will be released to support this growing community.

What we do

As seasoned game makers and early technical adopters in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space we are deeply experienced in both fields. We have created numerous businesses in the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin space, consulted for industry leaders and operated several Bitcoin and gaming ventures.


Dapp development, including WAX, EOSIO, Bitcoin, and Ethereum

Core Blockchain Coding

Core C/C++ coding for EOSIO chains

Game Development

HTML5 based multiplayer games utilizing blockchain and/or Node.js backends

Full Stack

Full stack development on any WWW task utilizing Node.js, Golang, React-Redux, Vue.js and others.

Get in touch

We welcome any questions and requests for collaboration.